Recruitment for new Sussex Police Officers

Issue Date: 08 August 2018

Recruitment is now open for new Sussex Police officers

Do you want to make a difference to your local community? Now is your chance to apply.

Sussex Police has opened a new round of police officer recruitment as it starts to allocate the £17m I have released from reserves and the extra precept contributions from local households.

This investment is excellent news for Sussex Police and for the communities they serve. 800 police officers will be recruited over the next four years, which means that by 2022 we will have 200 more police officers than we have today.

Through a combination of this fresh investment, sound financial management and effective collaboration, the force in a much healthier financial position than it was when we faced savings requirements of £26m.

The Chief Constable’s 2018-22 Transformation Strategy acknowledges that the public need to see and feel a difference from strengthened local policing, so I will be visiting every District in the force to ask the public and see for myself how the areas that matter most to them are being tackled.

If you want to work closely with the local community to protect them then this is the job for you. Applications close on the 15th August so apply today here:

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