Policy Documents

The Parish Council has approved a number of policies to ensure good practice and promote transparency of council activities. These are generally reviewed on an annual basis, each May. The documents here are the current written protocols for delivering our services and responsibilities.

Standing Orders 2019/20

Financial Regulations 2019/20

Code of Conduct for Members 2019/20

Complaints Policy 2019/20

Scheme of Publication 2019/20

Social Media Policy 2018/19

Health and Safety Policy 2019/20

Equal Opportunities Policy 2019/20

Member co-option Policy 2018 – 19

Grant Awarding Policy 2019/20

Council Representation on Outside Bodies Policy 2019/20

Dispensation Scheme 2019/20

Document Retention and Disposal Scheme 2019/20

Risk Management Policy 2019/20

Statement of Intent Community Engagement 2019/20

Transparency Code 2018-19

Death of a Royal, MP, local councillor

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