A Parish Council is empowered to incur expenditure in the execution of any works in order to exercise its statutory powers. There is also a power to incur expenditure for the benefit of the area of some or all of its residents (Local Government Act 1972 s137).

An overall limit for the annual provision of grant aid will be determined as part of the budget setting process.

Applicants must complete a grant application and return it, together with the required financial information, Sompting Parish Council will consider grants from voluntary groups or charitable organisations but not from individuals.

The council will not normally support commercial organisations, major charities, bodies considered to be self-funded or provided for by other authorities.

The council reserves the right to refuse any grant application or offer an alternate amount to that originally requested.

To qualify, the applicant must be able to demonstrate that funding will benefit the Parish or residents of the Parish. Grants will normally only be considered quarterly by Finance & Community Committee (March, June, September, December/January), unless there are special circumstances which require more immediate consideration.

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