Full Council  2nd Wednesday of the month  7.30pm (unless otherwise stated)

Cllrs Godley (Chair) Baxter (Vice Chair), Mear,  Thornton, Nicklen, Mansfield,  Boggis, Glynn-Davies Derham,  Aulton Holland

Terms of Reference

All councillors are required to attend the meetings of Full Council on a monthly basis in accordance with the agreed timetable. All councillors are required to have read the agenda, previous minutes and accompanying papers prior to the Full Council meeting to allow an informed discussion at the meeting. The minutes of the previous meeting will be taken as read based on this assumption.

Specific duties and powers reserved to the Full Council

1.   Duty to sign declaration of acceptance of office (Councillors and Chair)

2.   Duty to appoint a Responsible Financial Officer to manage the council’s accounts

3.   Power to arrange for the discharge of functions by another local authority

4.   Duty to hold annual Council meeting

5.   Duty to hold annual Parish meeting

General powers Budget and constitution

6.   To approve an annual budget, reflecting priorities identified by the Council and its Committees.

7.   To approve the annual budget precept.

8.   To approve the financial management framework, financial procedures and controls, including audit, across all its services.

9.   To approve annual objectives, targets and performance indicators.

10.  To approve the Council’s Standing Orders and Financial Regulations and other council Policies and ensure their annual review.

11.   To approve the staffing structure.

12.   To approve a performance management policy and pay policy ensuring that these meet nationally agreed terms of pay and conditions.

13.   To approve the use and development of land and premises, including any shared or off-site facilities, including security.

14.   To approve the Risk Assessment and Financial Management documents (annually).

15.   To approve Capital projects and developments across all services.

16.   To approve all Policies affecting the conduct of the Council, its services and its staff.

17.   To approve changes to the Council’s Constitution, including any recommendation from a committee to establish any sub-committee.

18.   To consider the External Auditor’s Report

19.   To receive each committee Chairman’s report on the last meeting of their committee

20.   To receive reports from council representatives on outside organisations

21.   To receive reports from District Councillors on matters of concern to the Parish; the Police and general presentations by organisations

22.   To approve the appointments for co-opted councillors to fill councillor vacancies during the year.

23.   To manage the implementation of the Council’s Neighbourhood Plan

24.   To manage all Parish Council communication, promotion and publicity

25.   To approve all legal documents and delegate signing /sealing of through Standing Orders.

26.   The determination of any borrowing limits

27.   To work in partnership with other organisations as agreed by Full Council

Powers related to services

28.   To approve fees and charges annually.

29.   To approve action in response to issues in relation to planning and highways.

30.   To resolve on any controversial planning application

Reserving of Powers

Full Council retains the right to determine (and to reserve to itself) any issue which is within its powers and duties as a parish council, including those which are (within these terms of reference and from time to time) delegated to its committees and officers, by simple resolution.

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