Finance and General Purposes Committee     1st Wednesday  7pm

Cllrs : Godley, Baxter, Mansfield, Mear, Glynn Davies, tba x2

All councillors of this Committee are required to attend the meetings in accordance with the agreed timetable. All councillors are required to have read the agenda, previous minutes and accompanying papers prior to the Committee meeting to allow an informed discussion at the meeting. The minutes of the previous meeting will be taken as read based on this assumption.

Terms of Reference

Main functions : To manage and make decisions on all Parish financial matters and other miscellaneous and community matters. The administration of the Council’s financial affairs with specific attention to resource allocation, staffing and the financial well-being of the Council. To monitor on a monthly basis all of the council’s budgets in terms of income, expenditure, any projected overspends or unexpected expenditure and to report to Full Council accordingly. To be responsible for compiling the annual budget with input from each of the Council’s Committees and report to Full Council with recommendations for approval.

1.   To consider full council and committee budget bids for the forthcoming years and recommend to Full Council the annual Parish budget and Parish precept for the                                   following year.
2.   To be responsible for monitoring on a monthly basis, all of the Council’s budgets in terms of income, expenditure, any projected overspends or unexpected expenditure                         and to report to Full Council accordingly.
3.   To approve the asset maintenance / replacement programme and expenditure for the Harriet Johnson Centre
4 .  To approve the Council’s asset maintenance contract(s)
5 .  To approve proposed Capital expenditure
6.   To approve payments against invoices/pro-formas, bank reconciliations etc in accordance with Council’s Financial Regulations
7.   To be responsible for the review of the Council’s Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, functions of committees, the Publication Scheme, compliance with the General                        Data Protection Regulations, Complaints Procedure, Members’ Code of Conduct on an annual basis.
8.   Review the Council’s risk assessments annually.
9.   To consider all applications received by the Council for grant funding in accordance with the Council’s Grant Awarding Policy.
10.  To consider all applications to be submitted to any external bodies for grant funding and make recommendations to Full Council prior to their submission.
11.  To review the council’s insurance cover on an annual basis and report to Full Council for approval.
12.  To approve the Council’s independent, Internal Auditor.
13.  Review the year end accounts and annual return for the External auditor and recommend to Full Council for approval.
14.  To review the Council’s banking arrangements and make recommendations to Full Council of any proposed changes for approval.
15.  To review staff job descriptions, Conditions of Service, salaries, employment policies an annual basis To appoint, support and appraise the postholder of the Clerk/RFO’s                       position in the Council.
16.  To ensure the Council is meeting its obligations to Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise.
17.  To review annually the Council’s Fixed Asset Register and ensure the insurance cover is adequate.
18.  To be responsible for considering any legal agreement that the Council might enter into and make recommendations to Full Council accordingly.
19.  To monitor the availability of Sec 106 and Cil funding that may be due to the Council.
20.  To manage the provision and financing of training for councillors.
21.  To be responsible for the overall management and content of the Council’s website.
22.  To delegate authority to the Clerk/RFO and/or councillors such actions as it deems necessary to ensure that the Council’s decisions are carried out efficiently and                                     expediently and to ensure that the Clerk/RFO and/or councillors report back to the Committee on any actions taken on their behalf.
23.  To be responsible for dealing with any disciplinary or grievance matters.



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