Centre committee  Wednesdays 12.45 pm  ( 3rd Wednesday  bi monthly) 

Cllrs Godley (Chair),  Mansfield, Derham, Holland, ( Vice Chair) Aulton

Terms of Reference 

All councillors of this Committee are required to attend the meetings in accordance with the agreed timetable. All councillors are required to have read the agenda, previous minutes and accompanying papers prior to the Committee meeting to allow an informed discussion at the meeting. The minutes of the previous meeting will be taken as read based on this assumption.

Main functions : To oversee and make decisions on the maintenance and efficient management of the Harriet Johnson Centre, car park and grounds around the building. To make recommendations to the Council on any matters it deems necessary.

1.  To prepare an annual budget including a maintenance / replacement programme with anticipated expenditure for submission to the Finance and General Purposes                    Committee in accordance with the timetable issued by the Clerk and before the end of the fiscal year.

2.  To monitor the Committee’s monthly and annual budget and to advise the Finance and General Purposes Committee of any potential overspend.

3.  To be responsible for all matters concerning the Harriet Johnson Centre including letting, maintenance, health and safety, staffing, cleaning.

4.  To be responsible for all matters relating to charges for the use of the Harriet Johnson Centre.

5.  To be responsible for identifying improvements and repairs to the Harriet Johnson Centre and reporting the Finance and General Purposes where there
are budget implications.

6.  To be responsible for the recruitment of caretaking and cleaning staff and report to Finance and General Purposes Committee.

7.  To deal with complaints from users of the Harriet Johnson Centre.

8.  To be responsible for any contracts for the provision of services, maintenance or security of the Harriet Johnson Centre.

9.  To be responsible for the annual inspection and servicing of equipment e.g. fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, fire alarm, oven, electricity supply, gas supply etc.

10. To ensure all hirers of the Harriet Johnson Centre make the necessary payment, provide a copy of their public liability insurance and undertake and provide a
copy of a risk assessment where applicable, prior to usage.

11.  To recommend to the Finance and General Purposes Committee any increase in fees and charges annually.

12.  To be responsible for producing a hiring Policy and agreements and a Health and Safety Policy with respect to the Harriet Johnson Centre.

13.  To contribute to the Council’s website with Centre related matters including :
a) the promotion of the hire of Centre rooms and facilities and
b) including a quarterly report on activities

14.  To work in partnership with other organisations with the approval of Full Council.

15.  To produce a business plan for the Centre and review annually.

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