2018/2019 Agendas

The Council has its committees meetings on Wednesdays at the Harriet Johnson Centre, Loose Lane. Members of the public are always welcome and are encouraged to attend these meetings. There is a slot on the agendas for public participation when questions can be asked of members. The meetings are held at different times and are shown on the meetings calendar. Additional meetings may sometimes be called to those on the list, but they will still be advertised and agendas published and on occasion times of meetings may vary depending on the nature of the business to be conducted. Again, this will be stated on the agendas as they are published.

Amenities and Environment Committee:  Starts at 7 pm


Full Council: Starts at 7:30 pm

Planning Committee: Starts at 12.00 noon

We have not received the plans for the major development AWDM/0323/19 so this will be deferred to 10th April 2019 meeting

planning 4th/18th July cancelled

Finance Committee: Starts at 7 pm

Centre Committee: Starts 12.45pm


H R  Sub Committee  – when required

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