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Safety Tree Work at Test Road



In the course of safety checks on the Estate we found that some tall hybrid poplar windbreak trees running alongside the electricity pylons within our site at Test Road had become unsafe.  A few large branches had already been shed. 


Tree surgeons have advised that the trees should be pollarded.  This involves felling the tops to a safe height.  Whilst we will miss seeing them at full height, the remaining trunks of the pollarded poplars should quickly re-grow, and will not be a safety risk for decades to come.


We invited Sussex Wildlife Trust ecologist Graeme Lyons and a specialist insect ecologist to review the site’s wider ecology.  Their opinion was that the overgrown poplars were taking too much moisture out of the peat habitats in the site so reducing their size would be beneficial not harmful, provided clearance was also given by a specialist bat survey.


Bat specialists have since surveyed the trees and found that whilst the area is visited by foraging bats, the trees are not being used as a commuting corridor or communal roost and so pollarding them will not be detrimental to the bats.  However a bat ecologist will be in attendance throughout the works just in case any individual roosts are found and will if necessary halt works to protect them. 


The work will be carried out commencing 27th November by Arbeco.  A works method statement has been provided.  Please contact us if you have any concerns.


Site contacts are:


Mike Tristram – Tel & email: as above

Christopher Agnew (Arbeco Ltd – responsible for the team carrying out the works)
Tel: 07878022366

Keith Colin (local site overseer for the Estate)
Tel: 07598 411428